We have reached the end of the week again, time just seems to fly; we reflect back on the week with mixed feelings. Happy and relieved for what we have achieved as a group, with one portrait relined, one portrait strip lined, two portraits patched, and three portraits have had their varnish partially removed together with some old repaint which has darkened badly. All this not to mentionrhea-and-sandesh-gilding the oil gilding for the frames which was happening somewhere quiet and without fans, as these blew the gold away. I only saw the results as Milena, Rhea, Sandesh and Caetano did not need me, except that Caetano muttered that it was definitely a woman’s job, and he did not have the patience and would not go back to it.Everybody was very busy and they are now much more independent. In the morning we discuss the various treatments required and under supervision (when needed) the work was carried out. The studio, courtyard and garden was buzzing with all the different problems being tackled. preparing-the-canvaspreparing-to-strip-line         We are also sad today because two very different yet invaluablecarlos-and-the-strip members of the team are leaving. Carlos, our representative from Portugal, has been at times like a hurricane in temperament and was most obliging for all the heavy, tedious, menial work. He brought joy and fun. His work was precise and he used his own initiative as to what to prepare for the ongoing treatments.   Caecilie who came as the only Danish volunteer, a quiet, very respectful and decisive team member. She now leaves with such assertiveness, confidence and with so much excellent work under her belt. I am extremely proud, I pushed her at times to the limit and she responded with great aplomb. I know she will complete her university course with flying colours.caterina-explains We shall miss them both enormously - such different personalities and yet they both fitted in very well. Lots of noisy hugging and photos happened on Friday, I am sure the Palace was happy to see us go. Joanna has had them all staying with her under her roof - it must have been very chaotic but great fun. The plane that will take Carlos back to England is bringing Anna, who was here last year and has volunteered to come back. We look forward to seeing her – she brings a wealth of expertise and experience.