anjuna-bullWe all needed a change of scene and I thought a few hours in the Wednesday flea market in Anguna might amuse everybody. I think half of the Russian tourist population, most of the 'crème de la crème' Anglaise, and most of the local rastas were meandering in this market. Luckily it was such an entertaining mix of goods from all over India and Tibet that all enjoyed it and acquired the silliest objects possible including us. anjuna-yellow Back at the Palace before lunch where our escapade had been duly noticed by the nuns (we had informed Matthew in the  morning to notify the nuns, the answer is always yes, yes not to upset us, but I still fail to realise that we speak different languages) we almost skipped lunch as the work needed to complete the programme is still huge. I had suggested that the Goan students might take a day off to catch up on their other work and have a break from us, and yet they all appeared after lunch eager to finish their painting, statue, frame or stretcher and help the others. If you hadanjuna-spices-2 asked me a year ago if I would be able to find a committed group ready to put aside their job and family for 6-7 weeks and embark on a tough challenging programme I would have had sincere doubts. And yet they have done so, and repeat it the following year working harder without any distraction and yet absorbing the information and smiling throughout. They have earned my respect and that of the Fathers here in the Archbishop’s Palace and in Rachol. Power cut since last night 11.00 o’clock, sticky and humid but too tired to notice. I hope as I open the door that the local cat has not left another present (1 tailess geko, 1 complete rat so far).