We had a good week. Working well despite the heat and humidity. We much enjoyed going through some chemistry and preparing ph solutions ranging from a ph of 5.5 to 8.5 and testing them on the some paintings which we have provided. I must say it is so easy to source the chemicals in India thanks to Jo who is in the industry and he is so familiar with mixing solutions. We are also discussing the varnishes and perfecting the mixture which we now have decided is the best for here. All the paintings have been lightly varnished and will need a further coat at some stage. Caetano and Jo put the paintings back into the frames which had been cleaned and gold applied in the inner rim by Milena, Rhea and Manu. Eveny was methodically removing a patchy varnish on a 'Beretta'. I left them just before lunch to go to Rachol to oversee the setting up of a scaffolding for the continuation of the retouching on 'King Sebastian'. After close examination, the painting seems stable and much improved since we left it last year. After an excellent lunch at Rachol later in the afternoon we went to Bogmalo and met up with old friends. It was good to be by the sea and we discovered a beautiful little cove which we had never seen before, with wonderful shells and some interesting rocks. It was so amazing that C and I returned at sunrise, which was spectacular. We returned to Panjim and an evening meal at Venite, one of our favourite restaurants. literati-danceAfter Mass this morning at the Immaculate Conception Church where we need to discuss a painting in dire need of help later this week, we headed off to Calangute to the garden of the Literati bookshop. The wonderful Divya, who runs the book shop from her house, had organised a mini festival for her charity project which is a mobile library to take books out to children in poor communities who otherwise would have no access to books. The festival was to raise money and it was wonderful to see some of the children from the project also involved. We lunched at Gunpowder which was absolutely delicious, and then back to our wonderful house in Fontainhas. I am looking forward to starting the week tomorrow.