The end of the road (for this year)
We have had a fantastic and fulfilling visit to Goa culminating in the most lovely celebration hosted by His Grace Filipe Neri, for the end of the first half of the level four programme. This gave me the chance to thank His Grace for hosting us yet again, Father Loiola for being our guardian angel, Father

Work more work
I woke up this morning listening to the sound of rain, the air is marginally cooler as we drive to the Archbishop’s House. Part of the crew greets us, we have formed such a close knit bond that a single glance is enough to communicate one’s mood and feelings. Milena is as usual the first,

Half week and a super moon
We have all spent 48 hours in Rachol, back in dorms, back at boarding school, fabulous food and very high targets achieved. The portraits of the first Partriachs of Goa only completed in the 20th century have deteriorated to such an extent that you feel some dramatic external causes have interfered and reduced these portraits literally