Time to say thank you
As we start to pack our bags, this first phase of the Restorers without Frontiers project has almost come to an end. The final piece is the dinner to be hosted by His Grace the Archbishop tomorrow night with all the students. On behalf of all those who have taken part in this extraordinary fulfilling

Now that the first leg of teaching is at an end, and after a few days off to go and visit Hampi, I have had some time to think back and reflect on what we have achieved. Throughout the world since the beginning of visual art, there has been restoration of paintings, or sadly more

Last day as students
10 o’clock and the studio is empty apart from Georgina who greets me cheerfully, she looks at home and she is getting a very slight colour. The students have been told very clearly to bring their last core unit project and finish all the restoration on the statues and tidy up all the loose ends.

We have the finishing line in sight!
The day started with Eveny and Conrad at 7 o’clock bird watching at Britano. It was pure joy to have experts showing us some of the 450 species of birds which inhabit these shores. At 10 we had our usual theory and explained the types of varnishes and the practical side of making a varnish

“They also serve who only stand and wait” – with thanks to our guest editor Sebastian Roberts
One of the many delights of being married to a picture (“and frame” she would remind me) restorer (“and conserver, first and foremost “) is that her work, so absorbing and painstaking, gives me lots of time for reflection – and contributing to this blog. So this edition is respectfully dedicated to the spouses, partners,families

Behold the Heritage – O Heraldo Sunday Review
The article below appeared yesterday (Sunday) but we did not hear about it until today! By Vishal Rawlley Goa has a fair share of tourists visiting its heritage sites. After they have “done” all the beaches, they descend in busloads and scooters to visit the churches, temples and forts. Still in their beach wear –

Weekend preparing work, and bird watching
The clock is ticking and we are confident all the students are working on their written work (you should see the emails on ‘restoration artists’ a WhatsApp joined by all the students). The message sent by Sandesh ‘anyone completed assignment…’ all the other phones happened to be out of range! We are trying to find

Friday’s guest editor is the wonderful Ruth Bothwell
Finally Caterina and Christopher have gone off for some down time this weekend as it has been a roller coaster week of lectures, students on going course projects along with planning future projects! I don’t know how Caterina can keep up with it all but she just does! A Blessing for all of us all

The Seminary of Rachol
This morning we left Elizabeth to finish the core unit with the students, while Father Loiola, Ruthie, Christopher, Sebastian and I piled in the car to go down south to the Seminary of Rachol. It took over an hour which passed quickly as we soaked in the ever bright green paddy fields, the portuguese style

Elizabeth is holding the Fort on Ash Wednesday
Ruthie, Christopher and I decided to explore Anjuna market today (only Wednesday) and Elizabeth is going next week. It is quite a drive, considering the detour we had to undertake with great patience and skill from our driver. Signs like  ‘road closed’ do not mean anything and so everyone is on a dirt single track